Northern Ireland travel: we will show you around. Discover My Secret Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland travel? What does a Mediterranean girl (me!) know about it? Why would she call that corner of the world home and even built a website about it? You can read about that in the About Me page, but let me tell you something:

This is not your standard Travel guide to Northern Ireland. It is local knowledge, personal experiences and photos, inside information, tips and lots and lots of background history.

Why? because I lived in Northern Ireland long enough to get to know and appreciate the wonderful countryside and its friendly people. Enough to realise that Northern Ireland Tourism is a well hidden gem and it deserves more well-informed, respectful visitors.

So I prepared this website for you! If you are a visitor that likes to delve into a place and not just touch the surface, if you like to ask questions, you will find the answers here.

What you will find here:

  • During your visit, chances are you will see many flags flapping in the crisp air. Why does Northern Ireland have so many flags? Which one is the official flag?
  • Are you coming from abroad and you are concerned about the driving direction in UK?
  • Yes, we drive on the left side of the road. Read our tips on the driving in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • Did I mention the UK? So what exactly is the relationship between Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, British Isles, Great Britain? Ulster? oh so many names… what do they mean? What are the Basic Facts?
  • How do you travel to Northern Ireland? And what do you do once there? Plenty!
  • Visit the Giants Causeway and find out about the Shipwrecks that dot the North Antrim Coast.
  • Enjoy the child-friendly and very, very! informative Museums. (Can you tell I love museums?)
  • Go hiking up the Mourne Mountains! Or do you prefer Golf in the famous greens of Northern Ireland? Perhaps Fly Fishing is your outdoor activity of preference?
  • back in history when you set foot in the castles. You can even have a Castle Wedding!
  • Since you are in Northern Ireland, it is a pity not to visit great destinations across the border to the Republic of Ireland. After all, natural beauty does transcend political borders.
  • Find out about its history, red hair, potato recipes and all those things that make Northern Ireland a remarkable place and a-not-to-be-missed destination.

This is my tribute to that corner of the emerald Isle that remains hidden, awaiting discovery. I am ready to show you around my secret Northern Ireland.

Come, follow me!

I would like to invite you to share your favourite photos of Northern Ireland. What is the Allure of Northern Ireland? Share your Northern Ireland Photos

What is your favourite Northern Irish recipe? People are looking for inspirational recipes in every mealtime. Share the goodness of an hearty Northern Irish dish here!


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