Camping Sites UK - Northern Ireland

Camping Sites UK - Northern Ireland

Camping and Caravan Holidays in UK are very popular. Northern Ireland has its fair share of camping and caravan sites. Camping and Caravan holidays offer several advantages.

First of all, they are cheap. A night at a camping/caravan park will cost you a fraction of what it would cost to stay in most other types of accommodation. For most people cost is an important consideration when they are planning a holiday whether it is only for a weekend or for longer periods of time.


List of Camping and Caravan Sites in Northern Ireland

County Antrim County Fermanagh

County Armagh County Londonderry

County Down County Tyrone

Second, camping and caravan parks are usually located in areas of exceptional beauty. If you like nature, want to smell the fresh cool air every morning and hear the birds sing, then you will experience this much more in a camp site than in a five star hotel.

Third, camping and caravan parks offer a good opportunity of social interaction. If you are camping somewhere, chances are you will spend most of your time outside your tent, exploring, sunbathing, or just sitting and reading a book. This affords good opportunity to meet with other people of similar interests.

Fourth, comfortable facilities. Not too long ago camping sites offered what might be considered as basic facilities. Not so now. Many campsites will offer first class facilities to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

These and other reasons make camping and caravan holidays a popular type of holiday in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. This page will introduce you to some of the camping and caravan parks in Northern Ireland.


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Antrim

Ballyness Caravan Park

Blair's Caravan Park

Glenmore House

Golf Links Holiday Homes

Hilltop Holiday Park

Jordanstown Loughshore Caravan Park

Silvercliffs Holiday Village

Six Mile Water Caravan Park

Watertop Farm

Whitehill Caravan Park


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Armagh

Maghery Caravan Park


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Down

Annalong Caravan Park

Ballyferris Holiday Park

Chestnutt Caravan Park

Cranfield Caravan Park

Delamont Country Park

Edgewater Holiday Park

Ganaway Holiday Park

Lakeside View Caravan Park

Loughside Holiday Park

Murlough Cottage Caravan Park

Newcastle Trailer Park

Rathlin Caravan Park

Rockmore Caravan Park

Sandend Holiday Park

Sandilands Caravan Park

Sandycove Holiday Park

Springvale Holiday Park

Sunnyholme Caravan Park

Tollymore Forest Park

Windsor Caravan Park

Woodcroft Park


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Fermanagh

Blaney Caravan Park

Loaneden Caravan Park

Rushin House Caravan Park


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Londonderry

Ballyleese Town and Country Caravan Park

Burnside Holiday Park

Castlerock Holiday Park

Golden Sands

Mccleans Caravan Park

Millfield Holiday Village


Tullans Park Caravan Park


Camping and Caravan Sites in County Tyrone

Dungannon Park

Round Lake Park


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