Christian Poets - Revel

Christian Poets - Revel

Revel is a special person. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend. She has impacted the lives of people through her gentle personality and has been an inspiration to many through her strong life ethic. Revel is also a poet, one of few high quality Christian poets. We could class her as one of the unknown poets because she has never published her work. But nonetheless, in moments of quiet and contemplation, when inspiration comes, she composes poems that so far have only been in her personal and family collection. But now she has decided to share some with the broader community and we are honored to feature her here.

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Christian Poets - Revel Interview

Revel, what is your connection to Northern Ireland?

My father John always used to say he was from Ireland. My parents divorced when I was young and I didn't see much of him hence, so I was never able to verify where exactly he was from. As a young woman I spent time in Dublin, and later my son and daughter-in-law moved to Northern Ireland and I had the chance to spend many happy days there.

When did you first become interested in art and write poetry?

I have always been interested in art, and during my last year of high school I was seriously considering going to Art School and making it my career. However things just didn't work out and I changed direction. As far as verse is concerned (I would never have dared to call it poetry) I had never tried my hand at this until I was asked to write a song for my graduating class. This was in 1958. It seemed to go down well, but after the event, I didn't write anything else. Two or three years later, a new Supermarket opened and offered free groceries worth £100 as a prize for the best advertising jingle. My husband was still a student at this time, and the money was very useful.

From then on until 50 years later, when I was bed-bound with a painful back problem I wrote nothing. It was then, often in the endless hours of darkness when I couldn't sleep because of the pain, that I wrote most of the verses that are circulating today.

What are the main themes you deal with in your poetry?

So far, most of my verses are about Biblical topics or Nature, both of which are very close to my heart.

Did you ever think of publishing your work?

Not really, at least at present, as the volume of my work is small.

Tell us something you love about Northern Ireland?

It is permanently clothed in such a beautiful, soft, green mantle of every possible shade of green. Roads and fields, hamlets and hills are miniature in comparison to some other parts of the world and this gives a warm, cosy atmosphere, as warm as both the brogue and the hearts of its people.

What would you say to someone who wants to start out exploring his/her artistic gifts?

Just experiment and enjoy what you are doing. Don't worry about impressing someone else. It doesn't matter what others think of your efforts.Let your feelings loose and try not to inhibit them.and you may be surprised at what is hidden in the depths of your heart.

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and poems with us Revel. Best wishes and continue to be inspired and write.

Other Christian Poets/Irish Poets

If you know of other little known Irish poets or other Christian poets from N. Ireland let us know and we will be happy to feature them.

The Journey

The night is dark, Our journey long.

The engine sings a cheerful song.


From starry skies, soft moonlight beams

Smile down on us, or so it seems.


The passing cars, Like streams of light,

Race past our bus ‘Till out of sight.


It’s uphill now, The road is steep,

The engine groans, We cannot sleep.


The hairpin bends “ Slow / Danger /” spell

We’re giddy now No one feels well.


But nothing lasts, So don’t lose hope.

We’re coasting now, A gentle slope.


A rosy glow Pink- tints the East,

As daybreak serves An optic feast.


The sun comes up, The night has flown.

It won’t be long Before we’re home.


Our destination Is in sight.

We’ll soon be there And it is light.


And so with life Here on our earth.

Our journey starts With joy at birth.


But there are days Of sun and rain

Which laugh, and then They frown again.


Then sad times come, With so much pain

We try to sleep But all in vain.


Then softest light From Heaven’s throne

Dispels the pain Around God’s own.


So, travel on, We’re nearly home,

With Heaven’s help Our victory won.

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