by George
(New Jersey, USA)


I've been looking over your site the past few days, as a guide to my trip to Northern Ireland, this coming May.
I visited the Republic last year, and am really looking forward to visiting the north, this time. Your site, so far, has been extremely informative...and fun. :)

I'm wondering, however, as a new-comer to the northern area, are there any areas which might be considered, maybe not the best place to find yourself, if you know what I mean. I'm coming with my mom, and would like to stay away from areas, where I'd have to worry. For example, I've heard some areas are bad at night, or are more prone to crime, and things of that nature.

If you have any thoughts or information on this particular topic, I'd be greatly appreciative.



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Mar 31, 2010
Reply to George from Esther
by: Esther

Hello George!

Glad the website has helped you. I am sure you are going to LOVE Northern Ireland.

I wouldn't worry about the rough areas so much George. Let your common sense guide you as it would in any other part of the world and you will be grand!

You might want to read again this page again, that states some facts. Not warnings, just facts.

If I can help you in anything else, please leave your email in the contact form (it won't show publicly) or contact me directly on

Looking forward to hear from you again! Don't forget to pack something warm and do take a lot of photos!



Mar 29, 2010
by: Raymond Hunt

Hello Esther,

IM RATHER DISAPPOINTED WITH THE RECENT BLOG FROM George, New Jersey (20th March) Does he not realise that things have now changed so much for the better in Northern Ireland that I would be very surprised indeed if he and his mom were disturbed by serious crime ANYWHERE in Northern Ireland these days!Over the past few years Ive spoken to lots of visitors from the USA and other countries and not one indicated the slightest concern. So, George, be positive. Bring you mom to Northern Ireland where Im sure you both will receive a very warm welcome.
Raymond ( early fan of your site!)

Mar 23, 2010
May visit by George and Mom
by: Anonymous

Hello George,

A warm welcome awaits you and your mom at the Londonderry Arms Hotel, Carnlough, Co Antrim - the historic hotel in the famous Glens of Antrim , on the Causeway Causeway Costal Route. Book now for a great deal! The web site is - - please check it out. Thank you. Best Wishes to you and your mom.

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