I live here too

by Alan Kerr
(Co antrim)

I often wondered why Ireland is so under populated after my trips to southern Europe over the last few years I now know why......

No one in their right mind would want to live here !!!!
With its dreadful weather rain most days prolonged, summers are cold also. Dreadful architecture apart from a few parts of central Belfast, small towns and villages aren't much better, Lisburn and ballymena are destroyed because of an awful one way road system to much priority is given to motor vehicles. try and buy a coffee after 5pm is like looking for the crock of gold at the rainbows end and I have seen many rainbows because of the RAIN !!!!
Every one hates each other, manic drivers, road rage and continuous rubbish about religion...

To many fat and obese people and the clothes they were are dreadful, take a walk around any European city and you slim attractive well dressed people.

Describe Northern Ireland in one word..... Ok, two.....truly awful

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Nov 27, 2013
Tourist Board?
by: Anonymous

Dear Harry,

no vested interests here. Just the heart speaking.

By the way, I do appreciate your opinion and I am happy you had the courage to leave a comment.

Enjoy your day,


Nov 27, 2013
Wishing you a place in the sun
by: Esther

Dear Alan,

I sincerely wish you a place in the sun, where you can be happy and satisfied. Just remember that visiting another country for a fortnight is not the same with living in it in the long run.

I have visited 30+ countries and have lived as a resident in 5 different countries.

I would go back to Northern Ireland in a heartbeat.

All the best!

Nov 26, 2013
The dark side of the moon
by: Harry Ford

Gets his point across well.... Its what the tourist board doesn't tell you about NI

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