Northern Ireland football team

by Charlie

Hi, I love the website! Northern Ireland also has a very friendly set of football supporters! They like to sing and have a good time!

If you want to find out more information, see: (official FA) (Fans website)

On the Our Wee Country website, there is a fun link to people all around the world flying the Northern Ireland flag and/or the football flag:

I can't see any from the Philippines yet! :)

Perhaps in your flag section, you could add that the Northern Ireland flag is still officially used at some sporting occasions when Northern Ireland teams play - e.g. the Northern Ireland football team or at the Commonwealth Games.

But you are correct, the official flag to fly from buildings is the British Union flag like the rest of the UK.

Thank you for putting together this website - it's great! :)


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Jul 30, 2009
Northern Ireland Football Team
by: Esther

Hi there Charlie,

thanks for the suggestion. I am not into football myself, but I can see your point about the fans from Philippines, I will see to it!

I have a wee boy though, that loves to wear football shirts and play football with daddy, so yes, we should add a wee page, so we should.

Keep me updated with the latest, will you?

Thanks again Charlie and all the best to your team,


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