Passengers on the Titanic - famous and not so famous

Passengers on the Titanic

In the history of Titanic the most touching and sad aspect is the loss of so many people. When the Titanic sailed from Southampton via Cherbourg and Queenstown towards New York it wasn't just another one of many boat sailings across the Atlantic. It was a big event. The Titanic was the ship to travel on. It wasn't only the most luxurious and modern passenger liner to ply the waters; it was also considered to be the safest. It had not yet sailed and yet it had already been dubbed “unsinkable”. So not only did it provide a sense of safety and security for Titanic passengers but it was also the ship to be in for the rich and famous who wanted to travel to America.

Passengers on the Titanic - Overall Numbers

There were more than 2200 Titanic passengers on the fateful journey with some estimates as high as 2240. A possible break up of the people on board in classes and crew is as follows: 337 passengers in first class, 285 in second, 720+ in third, and 885 crew members.

Passengers on the Titanic - Some of the Famous

Here are some of the most famous travelers who were on the Titanic's first trip. John Jacob Astor IV, a German-American millionaire. His business interests were primarily in real estate. He was the great grandson of John Jacob Astor the founder of the Astor dynasty. John Astor was the wealthiest passenger on board. He was traveling with his wife and retinue of helpers. His wife went into a lifeboat but he was not allowed to enter because there were still women and children on the Titanic. His wife survived but he died when the Titanic sunk. His body was later recovered.

Another famous passenger was Benjamin Guggenheim scion of the millionaire Meyer Guggenheim. Though he lost much of his inherited wealth through some unfortunate business transactions he was still one of the richer men on board. He is perhaps famous for the way he reacted to the sinking. Initially he thought the accident was only minor and the ship would be on its way again quickly. When he realised that it was going to sink and that he would not be rescued he dressed in an evening suit to face death as a gentleman.

Thomas Andrews was also famous, not so much for his wealth from his business endeavors but for being the engineer who oversaw the construction of the Titanic. Andrews was from Comber in County Down and therefore a son of Northern Ireland. It was customary for shipbuilder workers to travel on a ship's maiden voyage to determine the quality of the construction and detect flaws that could be refined and repaired. Andrews noticed none on the Titanic and considered it as perfect as could be built by human knowledge. On the night of the disaster it was he who determined by the extent of the damage that the boat would sink quickly. He then set out to warn passenger to put on their life jackets and run to the deck. Eyewitnesses testified that he died a hero's death.

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